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Originally Posted by bluesman
OK, since my comment on maintenance was purely about maintenance let me try to give you more information.
We may be jumping the gun a bit on this. I've found nothing to prove that this is a US-version of the Deauville. The NT700V might share some/many things with the Deauville, but it might have some modernization/upgrades as well. I'm not seeing anything proving that the engine is the same - it might have the same displacement, but with hydraulic lifters a possibility, more modern materials...I'm adopting a wait-and-see approach. The ST is supposedly a beast to do maint on, and though I'm no "real" wrench, I did everything but throttle body syncs on my own.

Deauville review/specs are here. NT700 specs are here. [Thanks to ST-Owners members for the links and info!] Maybe some of you folks on the other side of the pond can do the US-metric conversions to see if there's any mechanical differences re: specs.
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