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Originally Posted by apullin
It seems like a number of people are having serious problems. I would say there is something endemic to this design. Maybe it's on Rotax's shoulders, maybe BMW. I'm going to have to totally re-engineer this bike to figure this issue out. Just have to get my hands on a GS911 unit.
I'm not sure how many guys on this forum have a G650X but I remember at one time there were over 100 lined up to buy Muckpee's tank so I gotta guess based on that that there's 200-300 on this forum at least. How many have had a problem? Take away the bad batteries, which BMW has already acknowledged and issued a recall for, and how many are left? Not so many.

I've never heard of a motorcycle on this planet that doesn't have problems. And some problems are not the bike's fault what with all our mods and tweeks. IMO the G650X is no more or less prone to problems than any other bike you can name. (Other than Honda. As we know, Hondas are not really from this planet.)
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