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Nice tag, Biff. I was guessing Denny or Dox would venture out and snag it.

Originally Posted by Just GO!

Just kidding, Dave.

And I do love Salida.

Just a little payback, Byron for your bridge tag over the Darby a while back. Or was that Shawn. Heck, I don't know.

When I got the tag last night, it was about 11:15 when I arrived. There were kids sitting on the corner "Rocking for Jesus", or some such thing as a fundraiser. And they looked at me like I was strange for being out at that hour just taking pictures.

The really cool thing was as I was rolling down 23, there were a couple spots where I could smell the strong fragrance of pumpkins. The air was kind of thick, and here must have been a couple big fields planted beside the road.

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