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Originally Posted by Infallible
Holy Schnikes what a waste of money. Feel better now? Just because the bike prices have gone up considerably, doesn't make it alright that Honda keeps introducing machines at these prices. It also doesn't mean mean that people will pay that much for that bike, especially during these times. As I said before, Honda will sell very few.

Relatively speaking, today's motorcycles aren't that more expensive when adjusted for inflation, technology, expected serviceable life, and features compared to bikes of yore.

My point was that most people who bought their KLR used 8 years ago might be slightly out of touch with the market- and most manufacturers aren't going to try to float awfully high prices unless it's a true cost, or they think the market will bear it.

People continue to buy R1200Gs's at what might be seen as an outrageous sum. Why is that?
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