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On the trail Sunday night, the bike repeatedly dies, then starts while in motion. At the second scheduled stop at the top of the mountain, it has issues when I turn the key. The dash lights up for a second or two, then goes dead. Several attempts later it, it lights up when I turn the front wheel all the way to the right. I start it and head out. 30 seconds later, it dies twice more. I wigggle the wire under the ignition switch, then it lights up and I continue.

I'm good for 20 more minutes, then it dies at a good stopping point on the trail. No dice on getting it moving again.

I end up taking off the seat, headlight, and fairing. We played with the fuses, nothing. The GPS still shows it has power supplied from the plug, so my battery isn't totally dead.

Eventually, I cram the ignition switch wires up into the switch housing and everything lights up, the fuel injection fires up, so I start the bike and slap everything together. As soon as I'm packed up to go, it dies when I straighten the front wheel. I stuff the igntion wires back up into the switch and it fires up and I restart the bike. I make it down the mountain with no further issues.

At home, I notice that I have ridden the last 25 miles with the key in the OFF position. The kill switch stops the engine, but turning the key does nothing. I pull the ignition wires down and it powers off. Just to confirm, I power it up and down a few times by playing with the wires under the ignition.

I took off the bottom of the ignition switich, opened it up and found one of the wires has a failed solder joint to the contacts and no sort of strain relief on the wires inside the housing. The solder joint looks like it wasn't done properly to begin with, so I'll see if BMW will cover a new one.

I'll get a photo of the part later.
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