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How much for the ape?
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Originally Posted by Just GO!
Looks like the little church gets quite a few visiters............
Thought you might swingset that one, dox.
Sure does! I was surprised to see that many names on the guest book after yours. Also, I'm surprised my handwriting is legible at all... I write poorly enough with bare hands, let alone with riding gloves on

I should have gotten the Peden Stadium tag, but had family gatherings happening, then it got dark. I knew exactly where the pic was taken from, as it's about 200 yards from my office, and I almost went sunday night... but the pic wouldn't have turned out in the dark unless the stadium lights were on, and I doubt they were on Sunday night. C'est la vie.

New Tag!

Nice and easy. Google and grab.

The Money Shot

From the other side:
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