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managed to get a way from work a bit early and hit skyline; here's some pics:

finally found a road into the mountain valley that drops into morgan valley. it was called arthur fork spur. got pretty nasty fast as in clay with serious erosion. saw what may have been the largest fing sheep in the world. seriously i came around this corner and saw a 4 legged beast in the road w/ cankles and i said wtf to myself. first thought it was a bear, but too big to be a bear, then thought it was an elk. finally the beast stood up and looked at me with it's little sheep head. it was like a 650lb female sheep

it was a great way to start the weekend. the ride that is, i better not see any sheep jokes :)

oh, i also put some real pegs on my bike. wow what a difference as in the bike actually responds to my feet now.
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