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At this point I'm not exactly happy... Just getting out for this ride was a chore both mentally and emotionally. Having such a good ride until this point didn't help matters. Ok, stop and think. Poured my bottled water into the overflow bottle and headed up to a local Husaberg dealer. Guy there tells me there is nothing he can do, but Lordco might have some stop leak. Ok, I say to myself... At this point I'm really skeptical... stop leak? Yeah, I'm sure that will work... riiighht.

Hit Lordco and bought the cheapest stuff there. $4 later:

It's made by Gunk and it's called powdered aluminum. The guy there says to just use about half and pour a bit of water over top of it when you put it in the rad. Says he had a customer come in with a leaking head gasket, put two of these in the rad and drove the car for another 6 months before it leaked again. I'm still pretty skeptical, but it sounds good...

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