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OK, back on track! Nice straight level rail bed now. Was flying along nicely... got into a great rhythm. It was... well, awesome. Break out of the trees to see Naramata, Penticton and the Lake from above... Beautiful.

The ride along this section was actually trickier than I expected. There were definitely two defined tracks with a small berm running down the middle of loose gravel. The tracks were fairly loose gravel as well. Felt the front floating then grabbing then floating etc... Still able to cruise along at a nice clip though.

Along this section there are old rock ovens which were used years ago to cook food. I stopped at the first one just to take a quick look.

The path was a tree with railing posts attached:

The rock oven itself was well, a hole in a rock... not entirely spectacular, but in the interest of presenting a complete, if not long winded story...

On the way back you could see where the steps and railings had been cut into the tree:


Okanagan Valley - KVR Day Trip - First RR!
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