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How in hell?

Originally Posted by Pine Sol
hello BoochZilla,

am interested in your clothing, but i wonder what (if any) will fit me....
usually my choices are limited, so waiting to hear from you, what comes (or can be ordered) for us taller folk.

am 6'10, weigh about 250lbs,
i wear a levis jeans W38 L38
think my chest is either a 44 or 46.

Big Ed
How on hell is your chest 44 to 46 and you weight 250lb?, I'm also 6'10" and my chest is 62 and also wear 38/38 levis' it your hair dude?
p.s. I tip the scales at 260lb also
In any case I 've found a nice shop in UK (sales through ebay) with jackets for us "high"landers, if I recall well their username in Ebay was raceleathers look it up....bought 2 jackets so far and 1 was too large
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