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Originally Posted by Stretch67
Yep, that's about it, but with a high fender and TKC's. I photoshopped big XR forks, front fender, and wheels onto a 750 NH, and I like the look. The 919 is a much better bike than the CB750, but I'm going for reliability and simplicity of the basic platform.

The '91-'03 Nighthawks are reputed to be one of the most reliable (albeit maybe a tad boring and long-in-the-tooth) bikes made... no fuel pump, no injectors, no radiator, no fan, no computer, no valve adjustments. Just keep gas and oil in 'er and enjoy.

In spite of loving my 955 Tiger, I'm quite the luddite when it comes to bikes... I prefer air-cooling, gravity fuel feed, carbs (good ones), external alternators, and no computers or ECU's.

I'll be watching your build quite closely. Best of luck.
I had a donor 1992 NH750 and even started the dual sport build with it. The ONLY reason I went with the 919, I friggin hate carbs! I have rebuilt enough carbs to last a life time!

It is a bulletproof bike though. Like you said, fuel it and ride.
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