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Originally Posted by Squidmark
Am I the only one who thinks sitting on the tag for two weeks is a bit much?

I mean, this is prime riding season in most of NA. I'd rather see the tag bounce around the current tag area some more (and see some other neat buildings/historical sites/natural areas/whatever) than waste two weeks waiting for a tag-holder to take a preplanned motorcycle trip. That's a thread-killer to me.

Flame away if you disagree!

My take on it is this. There are obviously more guys South of the border involved in this thread than North. From the reading I have done, it seemed to me that it was more important to get the egg back to the end zone where the majority of the players are waiting. Unfortunately, as soon as it came to Canada, it sat waiting for someone to get it. Simply not a large audience here apparently.

I could take it down the road for you if you like and satisfy the instant gratification of an egg movement, or we can be patient and get it back to where the majority of the members are involved and keep the thread going with a longer term goal in mind. My gut feeling is that most would prefer to wait till the end of the week.

Hey Dogsroot

Thanks for the heads up on the BRP. That is actually the return portion of the itinerary. Southbound is dirt roads via Trough Creek, Monongahela and Jefferson. My thinking was that kids are back to school. Didn't think about the grandparents in the RV!
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