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Originally Posted by terracruz
Off of bountiful Skyline Dr. near where skyline splits and one can drop into farmington or go on towards francis peak. To be more specific arthur fork spur is a road/trail off of the south east end of farmington flats. The creek/drainage that arthur fork spur runs through is right hand fork. My map shows a trail/road that may be (I do not have the best map) arthurs fork spur that peters-out.

If you have a good map and can spare 5 minutes I would be curious what your map shows?

Hope that helps.
I could not find the fork you're talking about on my map, but if it's the trail that heads south of Farmington Flats and runs towards the radar towers, it don't think it leads anywhere. I've ridden my bike until a 1/2 mile past the radar towers and it got too knarly for comfort on my own so I turned around. Google maps did not show it leading anywhere.

Giskev, I am also OK w/ just choosing a general area and exploring around. I just noticed that from Lake Creek Rd (where we rode towards strawberry), we could take currant creek rd. I've never been in that area, but I'm OK w/ that.
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