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Originally Posted by Trailtwister
Oooh! Sounds tempting. You asked for ideas ... Not many weekends left for high mountain riding, so...

- North slope (Uintas) road from Mirror Lake Hwy to Flaming Gorge... HickonaCrick said he rode dirt all the way. Spend the night at Dutch John and Back Sunday. We'd have to find an alternate route back, maybe through Duchesne... does 9-mile canyon go all the way through?
- I saw your response to the guy looking for a dirt road to Moab... And the Swell sounds, well, swell.
- Pineview Res to Paradise near Hyrum, then Hardware Ranch, multiple possibilities north to Beaver Mtn resort, Franklin Basin, German Dugway, Fish Haven Cyn to Bear Lake, back up St Charles cyn, then start beating it South again.
- Cokeville Wyomin' north on a secret trail to Salt Creek, E to Salt R pass, graded road S to 3-Divide pass, Labarge creek to Fontenelle Res, N to Big Piney, W up Piney Cr, back to 3-Divide, down the Ham's fk to Kemmerer or Smiths Fk to Cokeville. I did the first part of this three weeks ago.

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I'm game for throwing the saddle bags on and taking out from here. Less time on a trailer means more miles riding. Ask BrShootr.....I can pack lite on an overnighter.

There's still a lot up by hadware ranch that I have explored, and a lot I have not. Good camping, doesn't take much slabbing to get there, and a lot of good dirt to ride, even for bigger bikes. I'm pondering the ant flat/hardware ranch/up over the mountans and down to Monte Cristo loop.

Anyhow, keep me in the planning loop. I was going to throw the sumo tires back on mine, but I think I'll leave the dirt tires on for one more weekend.
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