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Originally Posted by BoochZilla
Thanks for the love Skitch - I will pass the praise on to Marcus internally.

We were shocked the Sirocco Went Closeout - that is one of the sickest jackets in the lineup.


No problem. It was a fine mail order experience.

Put some miles on the jacket this weekend, and I'm very happy with it.
My only obeservations:
1. Wish it had pull tabs on the other zippers like it has on the main zipper.
2. European main zipper will take some time getting used to.
3. Wish it was a little heftier too.
4. And wish it was a double zipper so you could zip it up a little from the bottom while seated on the bike.
5. Zippers for the lining and the vents overlap.
Minor stuff. Looking forward to seeing how the insulation layers work as the temo drops here in NM.

Considering over pants next. Recommendations?
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