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I have followed almost the very same path I rode for 11 years did the nationals they got into sport bikes It was time for a change, I road race now and bring my trials bike to the race track to use as my pit bike...coolest pit bike there

I have a great place to practice in my back yard I now have a 280 gas gas that is a 02 I miss my old 99 350 gas gas that was the last new trials bike I had... I did a event this year also dropped down from Advanced to senior Intermediate. still made plenty of mistakes had tons of fun so all of my old friends who still rode and spent about a $1000 less for a weekend of riding.

While trials still holds a place in my heart it has not yet replaced the rush of going a 170 mph at the track.. Maybe in a few years I will go back I do not figure that I will be road racing in my 60s
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