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Originally Posted by MAN OF BLUES
Man, I can understand a "placed tag" taking along time till someone grabs it, but this game seems to have taken a side turn for "the perfect tag spot" this last month, and is really dragging out. Kinda seems "tag-hogging"ly selfish, no? It surely didn't make it "down the parkway" (the supposed reason it was held for a prior 2 weeks...) It's all about moving the tag isn't it? I'm sorry for the Debbie-Downer syndrome, but hopefully when it does get moved it will be worth the waiting, this past month was a great month to ride places.

Originally Posted by Wreckchecker
But back to near where it was on the first pages??????

Let me guess, next down to Alabama, up to Chicago, then East for the winter?
What is with the bitching guys? This is a North American tag hence it will take longer to place due to distances (that's if the dropper is cool enough to take it away from their backyard) Also, Some spots just might be in the general area of other tags, it happens.

MadMax went to the extent to take the tag far from home and he even had to pay for a hotel room to do so. There should be an anti-whine rule for this thread. I know the PA tag one has that.
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