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Originally Posted by MAN OF BLUES
Man, I can understand a "placed tag" taking along time till someone grabs it, but this game seems to have taken a side turn for "the perfect tag spot" this last month, and is really dragging out. Kinda seems "tag-hogging"ly selfish, no? It surely didn't make it "down the parkway" (the supposed reason it was held for a prior 2 weeks...) It's all about moving the tag isn't it? I'm sorry for the Debbie-Downer syndrome, but hopefully when it does get moved it will be worth the waiting, this past month was a great month to ride places.

Ok, time to speak up, I have been too quiet.

It didn't make it all the way down to the bottom of the parkway because everyone seemed to be in some sort of rush, even after I polled the forum about waiting, which would have been your golden moment to speak up BTW. As it turns out, it looks like it could have been dropped off in NC or GA instead of PA but it was dropped early due to the whining.

Read the thread of late, complaints of it sitting too long behind a bush. Then while it was in Toronto complaints about the tag locations, complaints about nobody south of the border knowing the spots. In the interest of getting the egg back south, I then poll the forum about waiting. The responses are to wait then followed by nothing but more complaints. I get back from a trip to see where it has gone and still.....more complaining. To those of you want to go ride, I suggest you do just that and spend less time on the computer complaining about the whereabouts of an egg.

You can never please everyone but the whining in this thread is just so petty. Such a shame. I am done here, no interest in this thread anymore. I'll be out riding.
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