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Originally Posted by Ferrys
My mistake then. What you are saying you feed the GPS from the repeater. Power from battery to Repeater and power and data (4 cables) to the Garmin. Right?
Yes, exactly like that! Although, it is possible to attach the power supply cable directly to the connector on the side of the Garmin cable. This means you can power the Garmin without having the repeater attached.

Originally Posted by Ferrys
When are you making next batch order?. I am not in a hurry.
I can't exactly say when, but I currently have 2 cases left over. They should be gone in no time, so once they're gone, I'll reorder a new batch!

Originally Posted by Ferrys
About connectors, i want to connect several devices and if possible protect them with a fuse. Your dad had a good idea. By the way is this water proof. It is raining a lot in Marocco causing faults in electrical devices.
It depends on which one you get. For example, this one is specificly for yachts and boats, so it's assumable that they ought to be waterproof . You can see around the transparent cover there's a rubber seal.

Originally Posted by Ferrys
Is your dad joining the Africa Race 2010???
Unfortunately no We had planned on going together as a father/son team since I'll be turning 18 next month, but as privateers without sponsors this would mean about 30000 in fees ... Hopefully in the near future!
Were you planning in taking part in an event? (BTW: Where are you from? It's be best if you listed your location in your profile!)
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