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Nice tag, madmaxium.

Originally Posted by guymanbro
I like when people whine about the whining. Kinda makes a harmonic hum in my head that helps me fall aslleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Glad to be of service.

Originally Posted by Wreckchecker
But back to near where it was on the first pages??????

Let me guess, next down to Alabama, up to Chicago, then East for the winter?
The egg is less than 4 hours from you. What interesting location will you be taking it to for the winter?

Originally Posted by Squidmark
Yo. To the next one of you who snags the tag without a plan for a new one, or who has a plan but is waiting for some vacation time or something before you get around to executing it, or whatever, such that you're going to sit on it for a couple of weeks:

Could you please mail the egg to me? I wrote my name on it but apparently it has worn off. I didn't take the time to scratch it in like others have done, but if you mail it back to me, I could. I'd mail it back, of course. And that way, at least one of the rest of us (me) could be doing something TOR-related while you're enjoying your football games or whatever.

Western Mass, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, the Northern New England TOR (which, btw, is an awesome ride this time of year), the Adirondacks might keep you entertained while you're waiting to do something TOR related. These suggestions don't include the states south of you that are just as close.

Jus sayin'.

Ya might even get creative and see how many you can hold at once. 5 is the number to beat - or so I'm told. I just gave you 6 well within your range.

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