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Originally Posted by Greco
Remaining schedule:
Cowboys - Home - don't think so Yes, we can.
Pats - Home - Could be ugly as Bellicheck won't let off at all, teach Mini-me a lesson. You don't take on the master, son. The Master's lost some luster.
Chargers - Away - doubt it Believe it.
Ravens - Away - no way in hell Affirmative.
Steelers - Home - looking more likely all the time Ditto.
Redskins - Away - I'll take this one Money in the bank.
Chargers - Home - if its cold, there's a shot Rivers' going to get muddied.
Giants - Home - nope Close, but no cigar.
Chefs - Away - They lost to the Raiders And will be the proverbial red-headed stepchild.
Colts - Away - ummm, no F*cking Manning.
Raiders - Home - Unless they bring back Stabler, should be ok Just lose, Baby!
Eagles - Away - Philly fighting for a playoff spot - nope The revenge of Vick.
Chefs - Home - They will have thrown in the towel by then The police will have to stop this beating.

I'm gonna give 'em the Steelers just because they are at home. There's a very good possibility of 8-8. If you would have told me in August that 8-8 was even remotely possible, I would have laughed at you. Still, not even a sniff of the playoffs, but I'll take it. Remember I said 4-12 before the season started.
12-4 See my take above.
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