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This trip is very fresh (a month ago or so).
In my first post kle had 300km and now has 32000

Again in Bosnia, this time from Livno towards Grahovo, Veliki Troglav, the
highest peak of Dinara mountain on the pic. This big field is called Livanjsko
polje and it is the largest of that kind (krško polje, manny troubles with english and translating some specific words)

My plan was to find Šatorsko jezero (Šator means tent, and jezero is lake)
on Šator mountain. This time i got very lost, with little fuel, and no cell phone (very nice ) but had a beautifil time.

Missed the path to the lake and came above lake (lake is on 1500 m, and the peak is 1900m). It is a glacial lake.

On the way down i got lost again, and found a path to exit between Drvar & Glamoč (seen comrade Damir's RR pasing here ), and than home to Split.
Total of 120 km gravel road, very nice.
This area is like 30 km away from Livno. Everything is close.

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