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Originally Posted by STARSKEY
A fine day North and West of the big salty puddle:

Good to meet you Trailtwister!
Damn, looks like you guys had a good day. I'm jealous.

I spent the day doing IT crap as in shopping for a new Mac for a family member and then getting them setup on the new Mac. If any of you are still using Windows XP be very careful. There is a new breed of viruses aimed at XP that are too clever. My family member managed to get a trojan key logger with a back door and the whole mission in life for this virus is to steal personal banking info. One really scary thing about this virus is that it was installed by a pop-up that had been rewired for cancel to be accept and once it tricks you into installing it the virus disables your anti virus software.

Also, a friend of mine sent me this article which describes an even worse virus:;pop

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