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Some skinny on street-legal dirtbikes

Originally Posted by Trailtwister
I'm pretty sure the state law doesn't distinguish between 4-stroke and 2-stroke.

Also I've personally seen at least one two-stroke with Utah plates.

A couple years ago I confirmed in the Utah Code and with with an inspection station that it didn't matter, and that the only requirements were: Headlight, mirror, horn (bulb horn ok), tail light, brake light. That's it. No DOT tires, no turn signals needed.

But a couple weeks ago someone (HickOnACrick? or GISKev?) told me Utah changed the law and turn signals are now required.

There may be a publication on the DWR (?) or parks/ recreation website.

I did a little research on this. Couldn't find a single concise statement on it, but here're some tidbits:

From Utah DNR State Parks web page, Off-highway motorcycles may be registered as street legal if they are safety inspected and insured.

From Utah Off-highway Vehicle Program brochure, Dual sport off-highway motorcycles may be registered as street legal vehicles if they possess the proper safety equipment, have passed a state safety inspection, and carry the proper insurance, or they may be registered as
off-highway vehicles.

From Utah Code and Constitution,

41-6a-1506. Motorcycles -- Required equipment -- Brakes, 41-6a-1625. Horns and warning devices -- Emergency vehicles, 41-6a-1627. Mirrors, 41-6a-1636. Tires which are prohibited -- Regulatory powers of state transportation department -- Winter use of studs -- Special permits -- Tread depth (paraphrased): headlight, tail light, white light to illuminate license plate, rear reflector, stop lamp, braking system, horn audible at 200 ft, muffler, one mirror on left side, tires with certain tread, geometry and stud/ spike restrictions.

edit -- No mention of DOT tire certification.

No mention of turn signals.

As Trackhead said, the inspection stations have discretion, although in my experience, they may not know the exact rules. One guy played like he 'inspected' the tires ... 'Look like DOT tires to me (wink)'. And neither of my two plated bikes (from 4 years ago) had the rear reflector.

I think the state licenses motorcycle safety inspection stations differently than other motor vehicle stations... a regular inspection station person told me he couldn't do motorcycles.

Related but separate: In October 2008, a new law allows ATVs to be street-legal, two types -- under 50" and the side-by-side type. That law is much more specific and clear, and the DNR publishes a guideline.

Hope that helps.

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