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Street-legal in Utard........

Some of that is well written.........and some is open to interpretation.....many car inspection stations are now certified for motorcycles...Jiffy Lubes....Texaco on 39th and 23rd.....but the moto-dealers are much more likely to be liable if they pass off on a bike that won't truly meet criteria......after all, they sell them and can't afford to lose that side over your quasi-legal bike......

The blinker issue is moot in my mind........why wouldn't you put them on for your own safety? The DOT tires might be a personal choice depending on how much slab vs dirt your street legal bike will truly will certainly get more miles out of a DOT tire used on the slab and that could make up for the higher price...........

I think you need to tailor the bike for what you will use it for........
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