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Sounds like a cool thread !

........... a mate and I recently took a quick lap around the block travelling up through outback North Western NSW (Australia) to the OPAL mining community of Lightning Ridge, and then on up through South West Queensland before swinging east and heading back for the coast.

Started at my mate Micks place

His is the 07 Fatboy, and mine the 09 Rocker Custom

3 cups of coffee later, we're finally on our way travelling up through the small country town of Gloucester before hitting "Thunderbolts Way", a piece of road you'd swear was designed and purposed built for motor cycles.

Half way a long there's a rest stop and lookout - magic !

Next stop is the small country village of Walcha for fuel. The Big Fella's a bit dissapointed the New England Hotel is not opened - it is only 9.15am Mick

Leaving Walcha, we head up through Bendimeer before crossing the Moonbi Ranges heading into Tamworth, Australia's Country Music Capital.

Continuing on, we make it into Gunnedah for lunch - yes we have the "Greasy Colonel" here too

Travelled on through miles and miles of farming land before reaching Moree, a very high Aboriginal population to go along with the very high price of fuel.

Made it into Lighting Ridge around 7.00pm that night, and a sigh of relief it was after having a couple of close encounters with wildlife on the way in, in particular one very large Kangaroo.

Next day it was up for breakfast before setting out to do the tourist thing,

Knocked the official tour over before jumping back on the bikes to pickup the rest. The Bore Baths is a natural spring that pumps water into this pond at 50 dec C. You could put a couple of tea spoons of coffee into and drink it it was that hot and people were swimming in it. Apparently its good for athritas and the likes.

Leaving the Ridge behind, we head north in search of the Queensland border.

Stumbled across it about an hour later, nowhere near the blue water shot the sign depicts - we're still a good day and a half from the coast.

Alright we'll stop at this one, truth be known for a mechanical check. Rolling into this little town, we've come to a "T" intersetion after having travelled some 200kms in top gear and I've gone to shift down, and I've got nothing - stuck in 6th gear. Turns out I've picked up a rock and it's wedged down behind the gear linkage preventing it moving and selecting gears. Plucked it out and we're away again.

More than likely the rock has come from this bugger when we over took him a hundred kms ago - had to come from one of those 46 wheels. Good excuse for a beer though !

Vast distances between civilisation out this way, still good roads and plenty of time for fun and frovolity.

Ahhhhhhh,another outback pub ! ! !

The end of this days ride would see us spend the night in Dalby - civilised but still 250kms from the coast

Travelled on through to Kingaroy along some magic roads - Big Fella drops in to get a shirt from another Harley Dealer.

Moved on then through to Beerwah, the home of the late Steve Irwins "Australia Zoo"

Finally after days and days of dry desolate outback land and roads we hit the coast.

Travelled on down to Lennox Head where we spent the night with friends of Micks - you guessed it, another night on the drink. Great people though.

Over looking the bay the following morning - through blood shot eyes.

That then only left us the couple of hundred kms left to run home back to our start point.

All up - just over 2400km's for the round trip.

Great idea for a thread "Round - I - Go" Hope I haven't over done it but at the same time I hope you enjoy a little piece of my road. Look forward to reading others tales as this thread grows.

I know, itís not a KTM or a Beamer. . . . . . but aye, itís got two wheels & Iím goín

Out there somewhere!

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