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Originally Posted by dagwood
the price for clean 912 has gone through the roof in the last ten years. they used to be poor mans 911's but they made so few of them that they are now a sought after and worth it.
It is a one of these days project. Everything on it is still original except newer seals all around and no rust : ) oh, and no smog junk either. Since i live in GA where I even run the AC in what fews days of winter we have, I haven't been quick to begin work on the 912 (no ac...but it does have marvelous vent windows ) What I do not have right now is time. It is either work on the car, or ride motorcycles.

What I would like to do is keep it as stock as possible, with the exception of putting Webers in place of the solex carbs that are on it now. It really was a fun car to drive. No speed demon, but it handles well and brings a nice big smile to my face.

btw, a friend is searching for a 930 in good shape to be driven and not stored. He had a pristine '86 that he was reluctant to drive so as not to muck it up to the point where he ended up selling it. He is now looking for one in less pristine shape so he won't feel bad driving it. Either late 70's or from '85 on, no gray market stuff. Thanks if anyone has any suggestions on this.

OH yeah, also, if anyone has a good parts source for the 912 I would be obliged. Cheers, yaz
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