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Dualsport Harley...

Quote from Disco Stu:
I'm not sure what sort of dope you're smoking but it damn seems to be making you happy. You miss my point entirely. This site was not intended to attract mostly Harley riders. Therefore you're looking in the wrong place if your goal is to find lots of Harley-ridden ride reports.
Uuuuhhh. I once rode my 95 FXDL about five miles on a very sandy dirt road in Anza Borrego. Does that count? Of course, when the sand got really soft and deep, I had to make a 20 point turn on the side of the hill and ride back out the way I came.

The point is not to turn this into a Harley site nor is it to inflame anyone. It is simply to provide a niche for those of us who frequent this site and ride Harleys, or as in my case, a Harley, a Suzuki dualsport and a Honda dualsport.

I don't understand the antagonism nor the constant disparagement of those of us who enjoy the staccato sound of the Harley V-twin or the relaxed pace of a long ride on a so-called "cruiser" or touring bike.

It is not our intent to be offensive or to "horn in" on what someone else considers "their territory".

I have ridden a large variety of motorized two wheeled conveyances since I started riding in 1967. I have NEVER ridden a motorcycle of any brand or type that I didn't have an ear-to-ear grin at some point during the ride.

As far as I'm concerned, it's ALL GOOD.

Relax and enjoy the adventure, no matter what flavor you like!
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