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Thanks- I'll give'em a look. Up here in lesser Flugistan i'm looking for a glove for the shoulder season- Oct thru Dec- before switching to snowmobile gloves..


Originally Posted by BoochZilla
Hi Vik'

There are a handfull of directions you could go - For warm weather I would recommend the Zenith H20 - if you are not in the sunbelt, south or out west a cool/cold weather option to fit your needs would be the REV'IT! Tempest, Unix H20 or Farenheit H20. The REV'IT! Kelvin covers the cold and waterproof factors, but has a slightly smaller cuff for inside wear.

I think the best value in the bunch is the Unix H20 - has the very thin yet warm Exkin liner and is on Sale. The Tempest has beefed up protection and a PCM layer for temperature regulation. The Tempest features Exkin as well. Exkin is REV'IT!'s best insulation for warmth and tactile sensitivity - it is only used in a few pinnacle items in the lineup. You can learn more about Exkin in the video below.

Let me know what else I could offer.

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