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Originally Posted by swingset
I was inspired by the series, no doubt about it. But, I didn't rush out to buy a $20,000 German tractor because of it. Lots of people did just like me, and simply got on a bike because the series reminded them of the possibility of adventure in that manner, no more no less.

I'm on a Vstrom and a TTR250 and an XRL because of Charley & Ewan. I'd wager that plenty more people just like me have made our hobby better without the help of Touratech or a roundel. They didn't invent my love of adventure riding, they just awoke it again.

And, I loved the series, all of them. I don't resent them, or think less of them, or view them with scorn. In fact, I think both guys are decent and pleasant freely admit they were lucky to be in the position they were.
My Ewan & Charley.

I blame Helge for doing more damage to the activity of off-road riding than any other book ever released.
Where the fuck...
Where the fuck is the bike?
You gotta be shitting me.
Where the fuck is the road?
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