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Originally Posted by Reryder
My favourite part of Long Way Round was when their cameraman broke his BMW in half and had to buy one of those horrible 250cc Russian two stroke bikes that looks like a CZ from the 1970s, which look like a DKW from the 1940s..

Then he proceded to skate over the mud that the BMW "adventure bikes" were getting bogged down in. he was having much more fun and making much more progress. Showing just how "equipment envy" has hit RTW biking. You dont need the BMW tractors, 10 feet tall and weighing half a tonne. In fact, they are a hindrance.
This is exactly my point! Too much bike and loaded down with so much CRAP that they broke the damn frames in half.

WTF? n00bs who know absolutely nothing about riding any old-time dirtbike rider knows that weight is the ENEMY on any bike. Light makes Right.

Dudes had 3 freaking trucks following them. Why are they loaded up like they were traversing the Oregon Trail in the 1800's? Good thing they didn't get Disentary!

Originally Posted by DAKEZ
When I watched The Blair Witch Project I thought it was a comedy.

It was laughable watching them argue over the map.

LWR/LWD same thing.

It was meant to be serious but it was laughable.

That is not a slam on Charlie and Ewan. It is what happens to any City boy when put into the wild.
I was rooting for the witch to kill them and put them out of their misery. "I threw the map in the creek!" Stupid fat fuck!


City folks...

I tell ya, now I know why the Star Wars Prequels sucked so much. Ewan's Manic/Depressive tirades probably drove George Lugas crazy so he forgot how to write.

"Hold me, like you did by the lake on Naboo!"

All that crap on those massively overloaded ADV bikes and they didn't have room for Ewan's Zanex???? Take your Zanex, bitch!

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