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Originally Posted by KellyC
I was hoping this thread would pick up steam. How about more pics of trials obstacles. I've got a good sized back yard and would like to build a couple of features that don't stand out but are worth the effort.
I've got a 38 acre backyard with a creek, rock outcrops, steep hills covered with 1000's of trees, big pastures to wheelie through and chase the horses around in, all the goods EXCEPT a trials bike! Many years ago I was crazy for that sport... Probably the most fun bike I ever owned was a Montessa Cota 247 - bombproof and that bike would go virtually anywhere! I can't get my pig 1150GS up into the rough stuff like that.

Well, come to think of it not only would I need a trials bike, but also permission from The Boss to ride it all over HER beautiful property . That would probably be harder to come by than the bike.

Plonk on, you lucky bastards!


P.S. Hey Cowboy! I lived in Laramie for about ten years - there is an unlimited variety of fabulous trials riding up every single canyon coming off the Laramie Range, and the granite knobs up at Pole Mountain are fooking fabulous for trials (too bad you can't ride in Vedauwoo proper, eh?). We used to head up into the Snowies (at over 10,000 feet elevation) and disappear for the entire weekend on the bikes. Fabulous riding, too bad the weather sucks for seven months of the year. That arena is pretty nice! My daughter still lives in Laramie and just graduated UW this May. Ah, it's still home....
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