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I'll freely admit that LWR is directly responsible for me getting a dual-sport. I thought it was harmless and entertaining. It was obvious once they go into Russia that the bikes they took were entirely too heavy for what they were going to be getting into and that they were relatively green at the whole roughing it thing, but how many other actors are about to leave the safe confines of their castle to go ride a bike across the ass-end of Russia, a land where in many places, human life exists only because it was forced to be there by one brutal dictator or another?

I found their flipping out over the Ukrainian mafia dudes to be a bit pathetic (they were probably in the safest possible place in that part of the country and in absolutely no danger barring serious disrespect) and the OCC bit was daft (how sad would the story have been if they'd made it 90% of the way only to die because they decided to go donor style while Upstate), but damage to motorcycling? Hardly. Hasn't damaged resale on GSes at all, that's for sure.
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