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Originally Posted by Round-I-Go
... How'd you prepare? ... How long did you take? ... What would you do differently?.
The longest ride on the RK so far was a little under ten thousand miles, just about a month on the road. Didn't do much "special" preparation. The left saddlebag houses two "Oh shit!" kits, including 12-volt air compressor, etc. The right saddlebag houses stuff that I need to access more often - different gloves, clothes for layering, camera, food, water, etc.

On short trips the right saddlebag also houses my RKA (magnetic) tankbag, but for the long trips I made a custom base for it so the bag can sit up on the tank like a normal tankbag, albeit the custom base lifts everything high enough off the console to clear the ignition switch.

On shorter trips I'll bungee a large Ortlieb dry bag down on the back seat, using the factory grab handles that I added for Denise as tie-down points. On longer rides when I need more carrying capacity, I chuck up a factory Tour Pak rack out back, and lash a second matching dry bag to it.

Set up thusly, I can carry a lot of kit, everything protected nicely from the weather.

I bought a Road King over a fairing-equipped Harley because I like the classic look of the RK front end and the big, chrome Hiawatha headlight assembly. The RK comes with a very high quality easy-on, easy-off windshield, but I've only used it twice in 38,000 miles. I don't like looking thru it (especially in the rain), and I dig being in the wind.

Speaking of which: For reasons I cannot readily explain, there is a total lack of wind blast on the RK at speed running sans shield. I can comfortably cruise at 80 mph with just my right hand on the controls, and don't have any significant windblast on my torso to contend with. I think it may be the fact that you sit so low in the bike.

I've had a few motorcycles over the years (I've been an avid rider since 1965), some American (this is my fifth Harley), some Japanese, and one German. The RK is at or near the top of the list as the most comfortable bike I've ever owned. The stock seat is perfect (right up there with the stock seat on my former 1000 V-Strom, and that's saying a lot), and the ergos fit me to a T (I'm 5 feet, 8 inches). My knees are battered from years of manly abuse, and on the RK I can stretch my legs out and give them the break they deserve at my age.

The factory floorboards are the bomb - there are so many different positions you can get your legs and feet into during a long ride - altho the hit you take in reduced cornering clearance is an issue when you're trying to keep your sport bike-riding friends honest.

I'm VERY happy with this motorcycle, and unlike the other four Harleys that I sold off for various reasons over the years (IDIOT!), this one is a keeper.

A few more pix here in just a bit.

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