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Originally Posted by BrShootr
I'm now thinking about this deal under the assumption that I can't change the rims. The calipers supposedly won't clear the larger front rim, also the disk is larger on the SMC then on the Enduro (so, at least it won't be a straight upgrade).

Regardless, I'll suit me better then the DL1000 for now, so if this deal doens't work, a 690 enduro is coming next spring.

Problem is I won't have the excuse of blaming the bike for lagging behind everyone anymore!
You won't have the same range, that being said, I would make that trade in a heartbeat. Carnal relationships with a hottie that only lasts a few minutes beats carnal relationships with a hag that lasts a lifetime.

Fortunately, I have the hottie for a lifetime...and my wife ain't too shabby either!
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