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This thread hs been great and it has inspired me to jump into the chllenge.

I'm on the look-out for a cheap bike that is mechanically sound (or that I can fix up with my limited skill set), but has some cosmetic issues. I want something that I can use to build a rat/survival bike. I probably won't ride it that much, but will use it as a back-up if my GS is in the shop or when I want to rile up any "up-scale" neighbors.

I'm looking at three early 80's Hondas, 2 of which are listed in flea market section. I would like to get some thoughts as to which of these would be my best bet mechanically:

1) 1983 CB1100F with 30k that runs rough, but has been sitting for the last 10 years - $1500

2) 1980 CB750F with 21K that is still being ridden - $1200

3) 1983 VFR750 with 28K that runs well, but is 800 miles away - $1050 (including new tires).

They all look to be in pretty good shape for 26+ year old bikes. But as I mentioned, the cosmetic aspects are not that important.

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