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Originally Posted by tsk1979
Openstreetmap has most of Ladakh mapped. I plan to fix some missing sections like Dha region soon.
Went there, did 5000kms but since I do not ride a bike.....

Anyways, by month end, I should have everything mapped on openstreetmap then generates files that others can use to build maps in various formats.

Heres an example of the output they generate from OSM:
Last maps update: 07 October 2009
WorldAsiaIndia I've been usine these to generate maps of Ladakh for my Explorist (a PITA). The POI's are a bit light on so I make new shapefiles with the POI's I want and build them into the maps.

I think you can go straight to Garmin from some of these files. From the FAQ...

<table class="file-formats"><tbody><tr><td>Garmin Map Files - OSM err edition </td> <td>.zip</td> <td>.img</td> <td>The Garmin Map Files (OSM err edition) are maps that can be loaded onto many Garmin GPS units and used to assist mapping for OpenStreetMap. The files highlight features that are likely to be incorrect, such as roads with no name, which are highlighted in red. The files are created using the Mkgmap utility. </td> <td>To find out more about Garmin Map Files, take a look at the Mkgmap project home page. </td></tr></tbody></table>
Keep on mapping tsk1979
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