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Originally Posted by chaos
That rider in the pic is Ron Commo III, hes the #5 Pro Rider in the US. Very talented.
I have a video taken at a local trials 5 years ago that has Ron in a few scenes. He was 12 (I think?) when the video was shot and is struggling to get through the obstacles in several sections.

The point is you don't get good at trials overnight. It takes years of practice to get good at trials and even more practice to be a top-level competitor. I have no trouble clearing obstacles on my (vintage) trials bike or my enduro bike, but put me in a trials competition and link several obstacles together and I feel like a complete noob.

Best advice anyone ever gave me to improve my riding was; "Keep practicing the hard stuff until it becomes easy. Then find something harder to practice." That advice came from multi-time ISDT/E medallist, Jeff Fredette.
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