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Originally Posted by Bimble
Yup, you got it, Gummee. Layering is where it's at.
Every time I open the thread and see this I cringe a bit. Layering is good but most people do not do it right. In cycling and climbing I teach a new layering:

I call it climb/cycle naked.

Most people put on their base layer, then a mid layer, then some insulation, and then an outer layer, and then a shell, etc etc etc...

Then they start to move and immediately overheat and have to stop. Then take of their shell, and their outer layer and their insulation, and their inner layer then put back on their insulation and so on ad naseum.

Dress as lightly as possible for the conditions you are in. Gummee (I believe) said it earlier. Start out cold. Do not just layer up blindly and go forth. Or you shall be hot, sweaty, wet and cold in short order.

So take off your layers and free yourself!
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