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Originally Posted by wxwax
I'm naked right now.
That's not what he was talking about!

Seriously. Sometimes ya get it right and are comfy thru the whole ride and sometimes ya don't. I've gotten it wrong as often as I've gotten it right. Usually err on the side of too much rather than not enough. We have inmates riding in AK in the winter, so we ALL know it can be done.

I don't actually own a lot of very warm layers. Of those, what I DO own, I usually wear doing something other than riding! My PI Thermafleece jersey is a MC layer. My fleece tights go skiing. Etc. Mostly what I wear are midweight or lighter. I just wear several of em. I have several different weights of baselayers, midlayers, etc. I usually just put a regular jersey over top of em. I also usually wear a vest vs. a jacket cause its easier to adjust temps with yer arms 'free.'

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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