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I know this thread is old but since its been revived....
The Burg 650 is an absolute blast to tour on. I've done multiple long distance multi state trips on her, w/ the longest day in the saddle at 800+mi(not my longest but still respectable). The insane under the seat storage allows you to pack a lot of stuff nice and neat and outta sight. Couple that with a Givi top box and you'll have room to spare. I've ridden in the mountains a bunch and the 650 will not leave you wanting more power. On a recent trip to the TN NC mountain area( Deals Gap, The Snake)and I passed more than a few bikes and left a few full on sport bikes dazed and confused as to why they couldnt catch a damn scooter. Bottom line is I wouldnt hesitate to jump on and ride to the ends of the earth if need be. The fact that you are not isolated to footpegs really allows you to move your feet around, allowing you to put many many more miles in the saddle over the day compared to a traditional bike set up. If you are not into the whole ego thing, the Burgman makes one helluva tourer

On a side note, I have added new Racetech springs and emulators to the forks. A most do mod, as the stock set up sucks. A clearview screen also helps if the stock windscreen is not up to your liking.
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