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dug around & found an old 19" tire to stick on the front. Old & hard. I got it on, but the bead wouldnt seat. try soapy water & 60psi still not. set it in the sun for a bit. nope. So I tried my old standby, stick it in the shower under hot water. That almost always does the trick (I dont suggest trying this if you are married, wimmen seem to like it about as much as heating greasy parts in the oven. I for one dont mind castrol flavoring on my pizza)

So I got it on, stuck the tank on, & wheeled it out for a test ride around the 'hood.
It actually did pretty good! I need to adjust the clutch a little, but it works ok.
I cant really figure out where the 'sport' part of the name fits in tho, its pretty much a slug. of course the crazy gearing may have something to do with it. I dunno that I'll do much touring on it, but it'll be fun for playing around with at bike meets & runnin to the store, so I can hear some old guy say 'I used to have one JUST like that!'

The front wheel/axle/brake setup is way over-engineered, you'd think it was from Germany. I love the upside down forks on it. My '50 Panther trials bike also has USD forks.

The Terry seat didnt fit right, so I tried some others....

old leather Bates

old 50's sportster

and this jewel, that I picked up to put on my Panther chopper

nothing fit right. so I stock the crappy original seat back on, & will look for the right solo & p-pad.
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