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Originally Posted by harcus
That is one of my designs. Planning on marketing them. Fits a saddle bag system. Working on a web sight but not there yet. Will send info if interested. Have designs for XR, 990 KTM, old KLR...
Are those for hard bags? looks solid!

if so, they'd be perfect for chill touring! I'm an enemy of hard bags for the tougher DS stuff though (paging dumbGRRRRRL on last Moab trip...). I nearly broke my leg on a KLX 650 somewhere between SLC and Cedar City (solo, but w/ SPOT) in the bfe west dez by dropping a foot for a turn and having the Pelican case crush from the knee down (paging Hick for bone names...) and don't advise hard cases for anything tough-ish. actually just a big bruise and the fear of God in nowhereland.

I'm running the soft dirt-bagz now, and for big tours security for "your precious" amounts to nothin' w/soft bags (but wear a bullet proof vest if i'm actually near by & yer jackin my shit)

Do ADV riders get a homie discount? I'd run hard bags on some of the stuff i ride, but do note the broken lower leg syndrome... I'd be interested in a hard/soft option (dirt-bags are soft only!; begin Pluric/Infidel crass sex ref here...) so i'll be awaiting the release of the excellent experience design of the Harcus rack! Woo -Hoo!

I modded (Stan "the Man", modded) my subframe to handle XR650R w/ dirt-bagz to handle some extra abuse (, pick the piggy up by the tail rack!... research for the Hickster! KTM's suck!... Wanna trade, since they suck?) anyway, hauling gear is a function of numerous factors...

-center of gravity (physicists, please correct me!, what the hell is moment of inertia? )
-security (if needed, usually not)

What did i miss?

I'd like to see an equation that computes the optimal luggage system for varying agendas...

Thoughts, anyone?
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