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Originally Posted by rick danger
Looks good! If you dont have a router or sawzall and dont want to invest in a new tool right now you can drill four holes at the window corners from the inside and conect them with a pencil on the outside. Then you should be able to cut out the windows with a circular saw, Which you already have I'ld think.
That's another good idea. That reminds me of a funny story about circular saws. I had one that my dad gave me. He's had it ever since I can remember and we used to build skate board ramps with it when I was a kid. Not really thinking of how old it was, I decided it was in good enough shape to use on this job. By night number 2, about 4 hrs total into the project, it dies. I'm guessing the brushes gave up or something. The blade was wobbly and all. Father in law brings his over to use on the weekend. We get about 4 hours of use and his does the same exact thing. Dead. His was about 10 years old. We just put a new blade on it as well. What's the last wood cutting tool I have that's not a compound miter saw? A little 25 dollar jig saw. We cut wood for about 2 hrs w/ that saw. The wife mysteriously disappeared with nothing more then an "I'm leaving!" I'm thinking, "Great, what'd I do this time?" I threw worry to the side and we kept working another hour w/ the little jig saw to cut up the OSB. It was horrendous and the cuts looked as even as sand dunes in the sahara. My father and I treked on despite and managed to do pretty good. We got to the last sheet of OSB and wife pulls up. I didn't really hear here since I had ear plugs in. Next thing I hear is, "SAW!!" I look and she's got a new Dewalt contractor grade circular saw. "Waaaaaaa?!" ..... THen for the next 10 minutes I was feeling like this guy -> The last piece of OSB took about 1/16th the time ot cut then the jig saw and the cut was straight as an arrow. I love that woman.

Short story, I"m looking forward to using my new circular saw, and you've given me a good reason to do that. Although, I want to get a router (probably later since this suggestion) to do the cabinets and furniture for inside.
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