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Windscreen setup

Originally Posted by xymotic
+1 please give us more info on that sweet light/windscreen setup
Now, for the deets on my windscreen setup. I did a lot of research looking for all the cool ones out there. As you DRZ owners know, there isn't one made especially for the DRZ. So, it's up to us to modify what we can find. I knew I didn't need a tall one, so I checked into the flyscreens, which are tiny windscreens to keep the flies off your face. Ha.

Wouldn't you know it. The only ones I liked were in England. It was worth it to me to pay for the shipping. Paid $119.95 for the Dart flyscreen that fits the Triumph Scrambler. The brackets that come with it have a good amount of play in them, because of the rubber grommets. All I had to do to fit it to my 8" headlight frame was buy a $2.99 mending brace at the local hardware store and have that cut into two 4" pieces with holes already in it...

Then I just spray painted my custom brackets black and bolted that baby right onto my headlight frame. I loved this setup on the road and in the wind. Saved my neck.

Finished product. See the black angled bracket with the hex bolts? That's my cheap solution...

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