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Originally Posted by schattat
Hi all,
How the hell can you call Touratech's Roadbook series superior to MD's? Those RBs are the biggest pieces of shite I have ever seen!
Far to complicated with their 2 motor system, and that overboard circuit board in the middle that does the 12V switching between the motors!

MDs are simple. ONE motor that does all the work. If you have ever taken apart an MD RB, you can thell that a real genius sat behind the actual design of it (the clutching bearing on the schafts). The one from TT looks like one made by a kid in preschool

My dad still uses his old MD RB which he bought back in '92 for the Dakar Rallye. He then had a big crash which heavily deformed it, so he just bent it back to shape, and it has bee running ever since and been on over 20 rallyes thereafter!
Thanks for the positive input Antal! I will have to update the PDF, as some important things are missing (such as how to mount the wheel sensor correctly!).

From an engineering point of view the TT is better with gears and 2 engines theoretically gving better paper feed. But in real life a simple enigne and some rubber band is the better solution.....
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