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Originally Posted by McNeal
I've got a squirrel problem. I've got a family of squirrels living in between floors of my house. I'm normally a live and let live kind of person. I was able to trap a couple of the younger ones and released them a couple of miles away in our counties open space. The older ones, I'm guessing I've got the parents, aunts, uncles, and a grandfather or two left. Those that are left are smart enough to move to the side of the trap, reach in and grab the peanut butter which sets the trap off. I usually see one or two each day as they move out of our house. They don't all leave at once otherwise I'd wait and hammer up some steel plate in the spot they've opened up. I've got a Baikal IZH-46M target pistol which I've used to remove one, but the pistol doesn't have enough power for a single shot kill. I had to chase down the squirrel until it stopped moving enough to put another round into its head.

So I'm thinking a .22 pellet gun of some type. Suggestions? If my neighborhood was a little more rural I probably would just follow them outside until they get into a tree and use an old .410 single shot shotgun I've got.
An old indian trick with traps, assuming you're using rat traps, is to put three traps together in a "T" form, triggers together, and use pecans as bait. Make a small slit in the pecan, crack it slightly, and shove the metal trigger in the slit firmly attaching the nut to the triggers. You'll get them that way.....if not put four traps in a square with triggers on the inside.
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