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bash plate perhaps?

Originally Posted by TAS
I've had mine for two months. Bought it used with about 2500 miles on it and it now has just over 5000. Runs great with no issues but makes a howling - ringing noise while running down the road. It's hard to explain but it's made this noise since I bought it. It's almost like a hum resonating from the engine area. It does not increase as the RPM increases. I commute 86 miles a day with 70 miles of it crusing 75 - 80 MPH on I95. I hear it while commuting or while tooling along on trails at 10 MPH.

My 1150GS made a lot of noise (compared to my other bikes) but ran flawlessly the entire time I had it. Could this be the same? Anyone else notice this type of noise?

BTW: Running Pirelli Scorpions and full Remus exhaust if that helps.
Mine made similar noise - I figured it was engine noise reflected up from the aftermarket bash plate. I put some sound deadening material (self adhesive) on the inside of the plate, it quieted down significantly.

I also put some rubber grommets between the bash plate and the places where it connects to the frame.

You could try riding with the bash plate removed, see if the noise changes or disappears before trying the padding stuff.

If only I knew what I'm talking about!
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