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Subedei "the Valiant"

If you are interested in military history, and no doubt many will be, I suggest you read up about one man ... probably the greatest military man in history.

The greatest general the Mongol empire produced was Uriankhai. Subedei "The Valiant" ... aka Subeedei, Subotai, Subutai, Subodai.) was the man behind some of the most brilliantly planned and executed military victories in history. Were it not for the unexpected death of Ogedei Khan in 1241, Subedei (then at the gates of Vienna and having just destroyed the Poles and Germans at Leignitz, and the Hungarians at Mohi) would surely have conquered the whole of Europe.

The enormous countries of Russian and China have each only ever been successfully invaded and conquered by outsiders once in their history. In China's case, a 5000 year history. In both cases it was by the Mongols, and in both cases Subedei was the military brains behind the key victories.

Subedei, along with Jelme, Chepe (the arrow), and Qubilai, were christened "the 4 Dogs of War", by Genghis Khan; effectively his joint chiefs of staff. The term "The Dogs of War" that Genghis gave his senior soldiers, is still used today.

Unlike other great Generals like Alexander or more more modern equivalents, Subedei didnt campaign for a 5 year war, or a dozen year period. He was a General of the Khans from his late teens till he was over 70, and the most senior General since his mid 20s. Over 50 years of almost constant warfare, and constant victories. He conquered more land than any other commander in history.

There is simply no peer. Strategically, or in terms of track record.

I read the military biography Subotai the Valiant before going to Tuva, and it was a fabulous primer.
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