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Its A Long Way To Richmond...

Monday morning Sarah and I woke up bright and early to drop two tags for the De TOR and Delmar TOR.

We then stopped at McDonalds for a quick bite to eat and upload to ADV, and check the NA TOR one last time to make sure it was still there.

Once posted we geared up, with all the local coffee drinkers staring at us like we were crazy, as the morning didn't don the best weather for riding.

In the cloudy, misty mess we started our adventure ride to Richmond, Virginia. Heading South on Rt. 13 @ the Maryland/Delaware state line we ran into heavier misty rain, with a questionable thumbs up to Sarah, I received an enthusiastic thumbs up, and forward point in return. SWEET!

Quick stop for gas in Snow Hill and our next stop was the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, for a quick 5 min stretch and a few pictures. Always wanted to ride a mc over and through the tunnel, and the time was here. It didnt disappoint!

On the other side of the bridge we stopped here

Then a few more pictures and a little bit of window peeking, then back to Rt. 64.
A quick bite @ taco bell and the next stop would change the entire tone of the ride (more on that in a bit). So we gased up in Croaker and the next stop would be Hollywood Cemetary. It was around 3:20 and I thought 'Hmm, I wonder if the cemetary is gated? D'oh!

Back on Rt 64 Haulin to Richmond. Arrive at the cemetary and the gates are open, yahoo!

Wow this place is huge and strangely beautiful!

Wondered around a bit and there it was, the excitement building as we approach. As we pull up we could see something hanging out from the cannon. Usually I wait for Sarah to jump off first but this time the race was on! I won. We had to look like complete idiots we were so happy.

Wonder over to the other side of the cemetary and some people were parking there car and i assumed they knew something we didn't, so I parked and followed them. Sure enough they went straight to the presidents graves.

Now you may be thinking OK, Mission accomplished, end of story. But no.
Back on Rt. 64 heading east, its dark and getting brisk. I throw out a question "Wanna get a" and before i could get out "room" I see Sarah's helmet nodding "YES!" I'm rolling down Rt. 64, trying to get as close to home as possible, and i get the shoulder tap. I pull off exit 238, WIlliamsburg to get a room. Pull up to the White Lion Motel. Nothing fancy but we just wanted to relax and sleep for a few hours. Go to the desk and request to see what the rooms are like. While looking at the room I ask if Domino's delivered and he said yes - Excellent. Back to the bike to grab my wallet. Well maybe I put it in here. Or maybe here. Ohh No! Remember the Croaker stop earlier? Well I will not forget it for a while. In my rush to get to the tag I hastily put my wallet on the tank bag and loosely tucked it under one piece of my net strap, I never do that.
Now what? Well luckily I had picked a motel with a very kind owner. Paul, as I found out his name, saw me freaking out and kind of got to wondering why i was taking so long to come in. Everything we had was layed out in the parking lot. Here comes Paul "whats the problem?" I explained. He was a bit questionable, at first it seemed. But when he realized I was for real, he started offering phonebooks to try and find the gas staion at which we had last stopped. Somehow Sarah spits out "CROAKER". Wow! Where she pulled that from I'll never know, but she was right. I called to confirm, and see if just by chance someone found it and gave it to the store. No Luck. Paul now realizes I am very screwed and offers the room. So cool. Get Sarah in the room and i am off to Croaker. Stop at the 7eleven, just to check and leave my phone number, just in case. I get on Rt 64, kind of looking the best I can at 65 MPH in the dark. Now here's where things get weird. I'm pissed and I'm never doing this dumb S__T again. I hate the world. It's cold out but im hot and sweaty. Probably riding with a bit too much attitude and speed. I give up for the night and get off at the West Point Exit. I was probably doing about 60MPH when I hit the off ramp, and in the middle of the road was the biggest buck I had ever seen. Instantly ADV'r Clayton Schwartz/ OZYMANDAIS (RIP) is all I think. STOP. STOP. STOP. It's not gonna happen. And even if I had completly stopped I would have been within arms or worse yet racks reach, so I kind of swerved right because he was facing left. Wrong move. He swung his head around, just catching my left leg and putting a small tear in my seat. What the? Did I just? And for some reason I totally got on the throttle looking in the mirror, as if the effing deer was chasing me with a knife. After checking my pants and seat, my attitude was a bit adjusted. Dont get me wrong I am still stressing, SS Card, License, Cash, but im alive. Screw the other stuff. Back at the room, Sarah has not had my moment of enlightenment, she's tired and hungry, and we have no money. Back to the front desk to find out where there is a Western Union. Found out they closed @ 9pm. Paul to the rescue, he remembered the Domino's question and offered with his thick middle eastern accent to pay for a pizza, "You order, I Pay.". White Lion Motel and Paul Pison my new hero.
I made a couple more runs in the morning, just to see if i could find it. Nope. Oh Well, called home, had some money Western Union'd. Did I mention Sarah was tired? This is what I found when walking out after some computer glitch made things take a while at the western union. Helmet still on, full gear and out cold. Thats my jacket over her head grabbing heat from the engine. It was now a balmy 44 degrees.

Went and paid Paul and headed home.

Here is what we think is a picture of the new USS New York, But dont hold me to it.

And I promise to get the new tag up soon.
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